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Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion 2013. 1-31 of July!

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Smashwords promotion!

Right now Smashwords is running a promotion named "Read an eBook week" which runs from 4-10 March.

In this promotion indie authors and publishers can put their ebooks up for a reduced price (25% off, 50% off or 75% off) or for free (100% off) for the week.
I remember that I picked up some books there last year but apparently I never blogged about it. Since I can't see which books I bought on Smashwords at what date I won't be able to find the right ones but I'm sure I've read almost all of them.
For me the past year has been quite amazing with me reading a lot of indie and small press works and often interacting with some of the writers on a regular base.
So in return I'm sharing these writers with you, this week you can pick up their book for free and try them out. Next week and after you'll have to pay for them and I hope you will find these writers as good as I do and keep buying their work.

In no apparent order:
Nephylim has her gay fiction book up for sale named Enigma and you can find it here: Nephylim - Enigma (free)
Red Haircrow has put their books up for sale ranging in topics from non-fiction to gay fiction and fantasy. You can find the list of his published works here: Red Haircrow - all works (free)
Katie Salidas has put the first instalment of her Immortalis series up for free, Carpe Noctem is about a young woman who suddenly has to deal with being turned into a vampire and has to learn to find her feet between century old vendettas and the handsome man who turned her. Katie Salidas - Carpe Noctem (free)

You can find all the books for this promotion here: Read an eBook week
Books will probably be added all the way through the week so check back on the website to see the new books.