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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Kindle Touch review

Today I finally got my Kindle Touch in. The release date for the UK was moved backward one week otherwise it would only have come out tomorrow but instead it came out last Friday. I had been keeping my eye on it for quite a while. I love my K3 and will definitely be using it quite a lot still in the future (see below why) but it is so cute and fast that I really like the K touch.

I didn't pre-order the Kindle because I wasn't sure if I was going to get it, or when I would. For one, the release date on the 27th is less than a week away from the day I'll be leaving to spend the summer back home at my parents, so if anything didn't arrive on time I would have to do without. And since I didn't know yet if I would be send one on the first day or have to wait for a while longer I didn't want to have to take the chance.

I had already looked at covers for a while, but the tri-axis that I use for my K3 is not available for the KT which meant that the whole search for a good cover could start over again. The Tri-axis is a flip over with a stand so I can just stand it in front of me at any angle and still be able to read. I love this and I love that whole cover! (For anyone who are looking for a good Ipad cover, take a look at the tuff luv tri-axis stands, they are amazingly sturdy and also feel very nice when holding it)
The other brand I had looked at in the past was Duragadget and even though they had pretty covers none in the past had been what I was looking for.
This time I went in differently, the first thing I looked for was a cover that held the kindle like a sleeve (Tuff luv and Duragadget are one of the few who have) since I am too scared to use those elastic bands over the edges and stuff. I was left with only a handful of covers that had that. It is a bit more bulk but to me it feels safer.
The second thing I wanted was a flip over, since I really like the one I already have. Though sadly enough most flip overs have no stand or they are in horrible colours... So I went for a book type cover instead.
The third one was the most important thing I look for in a cover. The Kindle should not be able to slide out of the cover, no matter if the cover is open or closed. My K3 cover has a thing over the top that is always there, open or closed to keep the kindle in. I didn't find any like that for the KT, at least not with a small strip that I could see anyway. Then I found the type I did in the end go for. The Duragadget Leather Book Style Case is a slide in cover and it does have a small piece of leather over the top to keep the Kindle from sliding out. Not as elaborate as my old cover but I don't expect that it will fail on me under normal use.
Also, here is a picture of it:
Click on the picture to see the full Amazon page.

So, now onto the actual Kindle!
I found the box to be curiously adorably small. Not a bad thing but interesting enough when I opened the bigger box which also had above mentioned case in it.

Anyway, yes I bought a KT even though I already had a K3. I found the new functions interesting enough to try out and it's a present for myself for actually getting to the end of the second year of university (I still need to finish essays but that is the end).
I was curious about the X-ray option (I haven't tried that out yet) and how the touch screen would response (very well).

So after going through the whole guide to pick up on some of the functions I got some of my books ready to read. Reading is a bliss, apart from one thing. It feels so counter intuitive to touch the top of the screen to show the menus at the bottom of the screen, like... really? It's not that hard to do and would be quite wanted.
After the initial bump actual reading came as easy as reading on my K3, nothing special to get used to, it's just tapping the screen to go a certain way. What I did run into was that because I was also cleaning up my K3 I kept wanting to touch the K3 screen...
The home screen is easy to navigate, everything does what it says it does. I like the different layout for the titles, I can now actually read a whole title without having to first select the book and also going to the menu on a book is easy to do. What I do dislike is that the menu bar is constantly visible, to me it makes it feel more cluttered. It wasn't there on the K3, why couldn't they just use the "touch top of screen to show menu" to also work there? They could easily have made the black title bar at the top bigger and then use the menu from touching that. I mostly just go to my books, I barely use the menu when using the kindle, I find it to be more distracting than really useful.

And my biggest peevee? I can't read manga on it... GAAAAAAAAAAAH... Yes that was called for. No-one warned me that the option to actually load a folder of pictures on it and then read the manga from there doesn't actually work... Well, I got the folder visible, I can get to the pictures, but the actual pictures? It's like watching a 100X100 px picture on a 1200X800 computer in full screen. Horribly pixalated and I can't read a word on it. To compare, the K3 does manga amazingly well, I can easily read everything and it's all nice and crisp, like holding an actual manga. The KT? Not so much... I thought because of the touch screen reading a manga would be a lot easier, but no such luck.

Over all? In size, reading ease, ease of use? Just as good and sometimes better than the K3.

Downside? Manga reading is not possible and the damn menu bar on the KT home screen.

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