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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Read an ebook week, here are some awesome picks!!!

And we're here again, another year has gone past and another Read an ebook week has come.
And of course, once again, I'll be listing some amazing authors that you should really check out!
You can find the whole list of the books on the Smashwords Read an ebook week sale page.

I'll start from the top.

For the second time I'll be participating in a Smashwords sale. Here is my list:
Magical Roads, FREE, code: RW100
Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past, FREE, code: RW100
Black Sheep: Loving in the Present, 50% off, code: REW50

Nephylim is also here again. Here are her lovely books:
The Runaway, 50% off, code: REW50
Enigma I, 50% off, code: REW50
Enigma II, 50% off, code: REW50

Red Haircrow, has a couple of great books in the sale too:
The Agony of Joy, 50% off, code: REW50
Silence is Multi-Coloured In My World, 50% off, code: REW50

Andrea Brokaw has two of her books in the sale:
I'd rather not be dead, 50% off, code: REW50
Pride, Prejudice, and curling rocks, 50% off, code: REW50

And her husband James Brokaw is also in:
Waiting for War, 50% off, code: REW50

I'll be adding more books to the list as I come to them. Check back a couple of times this week to see what books have been added!

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