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Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion 2013. 1-31 of July!

Monday, 1 July 2013

Smashwords Summer/Winter Promotion 2013. 1-31 of July!

It's July, again. It's now been a year since Magical Roads has come out. Time sure went fast.

But, people who follow my blog know what July is all about, SMASHWORDS SALE! Something I don't think I've missed since I started this blog 3 year ago. Just because it's awesome!

- Books can change in price throughout the month, some people might only participate in this sale a part of a month. I don't have any influence on this.
- Books can be added to or taken out of the sale at any point.
- The links to the books don't work on their own, you need to add the code to the shopping cart when you pay for the books. When you click the update button it will automatically jump to the right price.

What do the codes mean:
SW100 = 100% off (aka FREE)
SSW75 = 75% off
SSW50 = 50% off
SSW25 = 25% off

Here are the books, listed in the order I add them as to not confuse people who keep checking back.

Kia Zi Shiru: gay, Young Adult, Fantasy
Magical Roads Black Sheep: Letting go of the Past (Black Sheep Trilogy #1) SW100

Black Sheep: Loving in the Present (Black Sheep Trilogy #2) Black Sheep: Fighting for a Future (Black Sheep Trilogy #3) Black Sheep Trilogy (Collection) SSW50

Simon Haynes: Science Fiction
Hal Spacejock: Framed (A Short Story) Produit d'appel (Histoire courte) SW100

Hal Spacejock Hal Spacejock 2: Second Course Hal Spacejock 3: Just Desserts Hal Spacejock 4: No Free Lunch Hal Spacejock 5: Baker's Dough Hal Spacejock 6: Safe Art Hal Spacejock (édition française) Collect One Collect Two Loss Leader (Short Story) SSW50

Hal Junior 1: The Secret Signal Hal Junior 2: The Missing Case Hal Junior 3: The Gyris Mission SSW50

Amy Keeley: Fantasy
Master of Roads Shining Armor SW100 until 6th of July

James + Andrea Brokaw: Humor, Young Adult
Waiting for War Pride, Prejudice, and Curling Rocks I'd Rather Not Be Dead SSW50

Norman Crane: Western
A Paunch Full of Pesos SSW50

Jill H. O'Bones: Fantasy
A Vow of Tears: The First Vow Already free

A Vow of Deception: The Second Vow SW100

A Vow of Fate: The Final Vow SSW50

Brenda Cothern: gay, erotica
Coming Home Shadows (v.1): Soul Stealer SW100

The Sapphire Tower: New Beginnings SSW75

Brothers by Bond Cresting Tide Fates, Goddess of Fate v.1 SSW50

Shadows (v.2): When Beasts Bite Shadows (v.3): Barely Restrained Shadows (v.4): Embracing Sin SSW25

A.H. Pellett: Romance, Thriller
Sleeping in Snow with Bears SSW50

Katie Salidas: Fantasy, Romance
Immortalis Carpe Noctem Already free

Hunters & Prey (Immortalis # 2) SW100

Pandora's Box (Immortalis #3) Soulstone (Immortalis # 4) Moonlight Dark Salvation Immortalis (Omnibus Edition, Books 1-3) SSW50

That is what I've got right now. New ones will be added. You can always message me or otherwise contact me to be added to this list.

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